The Edgewood Sisters Have a Hare Who Lounges in His Underwear
                                           Sarah Higdon

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Formula for Disaster Part 1 by Katie Granju
Exposing the infant formula industry
Foreskin and Several Years from Now by Kim Lane
Building a new and improved penis?
Eleven by Gayle Brandeis
When digits become haunted

Fault Lines by Jennifer Marine
Where do the lines of culpability, responsibility and innocence cross?
Manic Mama by Louise Pohle-Bjolin
Surviving motherhood shadowed with mental illness
Formula for Disaster Part 2 by Katie Granju
Exposing the infant formula industry

Pretend a short story by Robin Bradford
Intimacy and parenting through the looking glass
by Diane Fleming
Having your windows washed by a stranger
Egg Face
by Leslie Forbes
Bad guys and plywood

My Mama Told Me... Nothing by Viki Reed
Apocalyptic parenting and birthing yourself
Holy CRAP!  I Have A Daughter by Kim Lane
Wanted: the Cliff Notes to womanhood

Ghost Flames
by Diane Fleming
Field mice, soul mates and shopping at the Home Depot for Wicca
Immaculate Morning Blend by Kim Lane
Piping hot visitation 
Holy CRAP!  I Have A Daughter Part 2
by Kim Lane
What's in a name? plenty

Speaking Up by Robin Bradford
Sifting through another's life

Beat the Biological Clock by Dorothy Nixon
Televised reproductive hootenanny
Of Guns and Sons by Katie Granju
Bang, bang, you're normal
Enter Only Once by Diane Fleming
Shadows of an emotional sandwich-board

World on a String
by Kim Lane
Family jewels
Doorstep Discoveries by Gayle Brandeis
Underwear and office chairs
Children Who Are Not Yet Peaceful by Connie Watson
A look at the inclusive classroom, and a new book by Montessori educator, Donna Goertz

Making Tracks by Stephen J. Lyons
Tracing a daughter's vanishing footprints
Metamorphosis by Rebekah Shardy
Life before and after the hot-house
The Lesson by Rachel Dickinson
The ethics of completion

To My Unexpected Son: A Hymn to Surprise by Rebekah Shardy
Grasses heavy with seed
Saint Therapy by Diane Fleming
Salvation in a 90 dollar suit

Pierced by Steven J. Lyons
When life leaves a mark
They Grow Up So Fast... by Viki Reed
Those enchanting little Pre-K Redd Foxxes

Signs of God by Kim Lane
The Marquee de Said
Pigskin Parallel by Kimberly Devlin
To love, honor a
nd block
Free Prayer by Sara Stevenson
First dates and budding fates

The AustinMama Guide to Gettin' Your Groove Back by Anne Marie Turner
Good reads to get what you need
Woman Seeks...
by Diane Fleming

Trolling for Mr. Tolerable

Found Beauty by Marion Winik
Reflective beholding
Diamonds by Stephen J. Lyons
Life's rough cuts

Buncha Bull by Kim Lane
Austin's bucking trends
Little Dog Dharma: Remembering Bernie by Rebekah Shardy
Wet-nosed spiritual teachers

Microwave Fishing by Diane Fleming
Awkward are the steps in the relationship tango

Falling by Stephen J. Lyons
Observing the slow tumble

60 Things a Woman Should Do Before She Dies by Rebekah Shardy
How many can you cross off?

Will's War: An excerpt from the new historical novel by Janice Woods Windle
Abe Lincoln Rode Here and So Did I by Lin Sutherland
Riding and rewriting history

Blowing It in Idaho by Stephen J. Lyons
An exercise in voyeurism
Watching Hale-Bopp by Rachel Dickinson
Charting life by the heavens

Only One
An award winning essay
by Robin Bradford
Howdy Duty in the Country by Lin Sutherland
A study in Pick-Up Truckese

Snug new fiction by Austin writer, Sara Stevenson
For Libby
A look at loss and reaching out
She's Not My Old Therapist by Diane Fleming
Tuna-breathed shepherds

Longevity by Stephen J. Lyons
When dandelions, divorcees and death cross paths
The Lunch Box by Melanie Barton Zoltán
Carrying more than Ho-Hos

Gone to Seed by Kim Lane
Gardens growing crazy wild

The Cook, The Cowboy, His Dog and Ropin' the Mule by Stephen Lyons
Deconstructing a cowboy bastard

Remember This by Karen Collier
Ghosts in drawer bottoms
Wagless World - A Children's Story by Lin Sutherland
A tale of no tails

Time Past, Time Remaining by Stephen J. Lyons
When pieces of life show up in the mail

Nursing and the Taliban by Marion Winik
Appreciating freedoms
Under a Big Sky by Cathleen Sutherland
Leaping into life

Puttin' on them Red Boots by Anne Marie Turner
A look inside a sassy new book
'Round the Mulberry Bush by Jan Epton Seale
An excerpt from Red Boots and Attitude

The Evil Stepmother by Maureen McHugh
The lie of a relationship
Aiming for Coconuts by Jennifer Marine
The ultimate exercise in sharing
The Ride by Mónica Gómez
An excerpt from the sassy new book: Red Boots and Attitude

Hyde Park Dreaming by Stephen J. Lyons
Lessons and the dreamer
History by Any Other Name by Diane Gonzales Bertrand
An excerpt from the sassy new book: Red Boots and Attitude

A Little Unsolicited Advice by Casey Kelly Barton
When Mamas share a little too much

The Wanderer by Cathleen Sutherland
One woman chasing life
Room with a View by Joanna Hurst
Reflections of the past and the future

My Alzheimer's Percussion Band - Unplugged Version by Stephen J. Lyons
Are ya'll ready to rock?

AustinMamas on a Roll by Anne Marie Turner
Bitch seats?  I think not
Kyle - a short story
New fiction from Robin Bradford, courtesy of Brain, Child magazine

How We Cope by Stephen J. Lyons
A fistful of something
Growing Jane by Marion Winik
When someone you love is leaving

Love Letter to a Kumquat
AustinMama Robin Bradford talks pith and pulp with Gayle Brandeis, author of the new book, Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write
Excerpts from the new book Fruitflesh: Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write
The Seder Orange, and Falling

Shifts in a Movement by Ruth Pennebaker
When the grounds of feminism are unstable
20 Ways to Seduce Your Muse by Rebekah Shardy
Leading the internal Trojan Horse to water

The Voice That Waits by Regan M. Brown
Whispers from the mirror

I Luv Ruby by Stephen J. Lyons
Marginal passion
Freebasing eBay by Gayle Brandeis
Oh yeah... that's the stuff

Etta by Stephen J. Lyons
Offering the birds in her hand
The Heroism of Older Women by Rebekah Shardy
The truth about aging

Me by Diane Fleming
Where pointing fingers meet ceiling fans
Beach Riding in Texas by Lin Sutherland
The real surf and turf

How I Failed at Farming... Again by Stephen J. Lyons
Testicles, digits and other farming tidbits

Requiem For All That Is No Longer Forever:
Mourning Lost Diamonds, Safe Skies and Everyone Who Died Wearing Pantyhose
by Regan Brown       
What's left after the fall
Pilgrimage: One Woman's Walkabout by Rebekah Shardy
Charting a life, one step at a time
Blood lines by Stephen J. Lyons
The course of humanity

Road Ready, Like Genoa Salami by Bernadette Noll
Two mothers, a clutch of kids and the coining of a crotch picnic.

On Being Normal by Sharon Drew Morgen
Coming to terms

Letter to My Daughter: What Passes through Our Hands by Stephen J. Lyons       
Holding the past and the future
After Declan by Casey Barton
Babies change everything
Two Crescent Moons by Jennifer Marine
What just happened?

Menarche Part 2 by Beth Strout
Pulling on beauty

For What It's Worth
by Casey Kelly Barton
Passing down the Thrifting Gene

Bedfull by Viki Reed
No room for the Sandman

Phone Sex Master by Diane Fleming
Stranger on the line

The Glass Halfempty Family
in the Land of Prickly
by Lin Sutherland
A fanciful tale of a shattered family

And I Cry by Kimber Pflaum
Bad boys and hard choices

Teenhood by Marion Winik
Drugs, alcohol and sex...  Oh My!

My First Day at Kindergarten: Age 39 by Theo Pauline Nestor
Flying braids and the story of O

Taking Time to Heal:
Five days in the psych ward for postpartum depression
by Adrienne Martini
One flying to, and over, the nest

Disagreeable by Diane Fleming
Who wants to really know how lonely they are?

The Condom Tree by Diane Fleming
What grows when you bury fire

Judging Judies by Adrienne Martini
When the paths of motherhood collide
From the Texas Sky by Kim Lane

New fiction by Diane Fleming
Two in a Canoe by Bernadette Noll
Love under the bridges of Austin

Whose Write? by Ruth Pennebaker
Should a childless writer really pen a book about Andrea Yates?

Fred by Spike Gillespie
Oh... to be picked
Orange Crush
by Adrienne Martini
A new level of alert for envy

More Than the Sum of Its Parts by Theo Pauline Nestor
When one plus one equals perfection

Zen and the Art of the Load by Beth Strout
Riding life's spin cycle

Subtle Truths about Breastfeeding by Elizabeth Bauchner
"Breast is Best" a platitude?

No Time for Vowels by Marion Winik
Arriving at it all

What We Do for Love and for Money: A View of Work from Home by Theo Pauline Nestor
Deconstructing the "Have to"s and the "Want to"s

AustinMama's Robin Bradford talks with author Andi Buchanan about surrendering, pre-K Redd Foxxes and her new book, Mothershock, Loving Every (Other) Minute of It.

Educating Mama by Jenny Moore
Taking your mark for the mamathon

The Dangerous Boy by Christie Smith
Darkside on a two-wheeler

Bikini Boot Camp by Cathleen Sutherland
A new form of summer burn

What I Can Tell You about Marriage
poetry by Diane Fleming

Sing a Song of Sing-Sing by Bernadette Noll
Austin jailhouse blues

Qualified for the Job by Kim Kochman Moldofsky
A lifetime of prepping

Buffalo, NY by Diane Fleming
Love under the skin

Unattainably Playful by Kim DeLauro
And now... a word from our guilt

Losing a Therapist by Roseana Auten
Emptiness across the room

Where the Hell's My Village? by Vickie Howell
Lost in Austin

The Yell by Bernadette Noll
Guttural growls, cold ice cream and innocence temporarily lost

Galloping with Scissors by Christina Wilsdon
Mucking the stalls of a five-year-old's mind

Flying Solo by Katie Granju
Reevaluating the nest

Neil Diamond, Cheesecake and a Pack of Dogs: a movable chat with author Spike Gillespie
by Robin Bradford

Dia de los Muertos: Hurray for the Moon by Gretchen Graham
Learning to see again

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Now? by Kimber Pflaum
"I'm THIS many!"

The Gulf of Single Motherhood by Michelle Peterson
The maw of the waters

Talking Cesky by Andrée Collier Záleská
History as words

The Stories We Tell by Merideth Garcia
Memories of the essential 

Happiness by Rachel Skei Donihoo
Slow-mo in the thankless fray

Niñera by Jenny Moore
The cultural underworld of the playground

Family Ties by Melissa Ridge Carter
Off the cuff pillow talk

Mama Drama
A damned tasty blog-byte from
Chez Miscarriage
Dispatches from a Not So Perfect Life
A chat with author Faulkner Fox by Robin Bradford

And Now, We Present the Politically Incorrect Portion of This Evening's Program:
A Contemporary Piano Sonata Entitled "They're Your Hooters (I Got My Own Right Here)"

A damned tasty blog byte from
Chez Miscarriage

Tandem Nursing and the Birth of a New Mama by Hilary Flower
A new position on nursing two

Breast Milk Cannibal by Melanie Barton Zolton
The ultimate recycling project

Chasing Sandy by Michelle Peterson
The lure of strong happies


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