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Mamas know food can make the soul sing. We nurse babies, we mush bananas, we check the rice… ours are usually the last hands to touch the food before our family eats. Mamas Feed is our dedication to the preparing and providing of our soul's edible delights, and to creating bridges of understanding and appreciation through the art of food.

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Don't Touch My Pie / Sarah Higdon 



from A Little More on Your Plate...

Nancy’s Fine Peach Cobbler
"Now this is enough for an eight-inch Pyrex dish. If you’ve got more fruit and a bigger dish, you have to use more, of course. So double everything? No, not quite, not the milk at least, you just have to play with it. You need a half cup milk, a cup of flour, a cup of sugar and two and half cups of fruit. You want to put a little sugar in the fruit, too, especially if it’s blueberries. You mix the dry then add the milk. Then melt three tablespoons of butter in the dish. Pour the batter in the dish. Pour the fruit on top of the batter. Bake thirty minutes at 350 degrees. What people really like is if you serve it right out of the oven."

Lesley’s Fabulous Potato Salad
"Basically, I boil red and white potatoes for 20 minutes in a touch of salt and
bay leaves. Cool the taters then pour in a bottle of Wishbone Italian dressing and
let them soak for 4-5 hours. Later add one large carton of low-fat sour cream to half as much mayonnaise. Add chopped celery, green onion, two small white onions, the juice of one lemon, and lots of chopped dill. I don't have the exact quantities but you know, whatever works."

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Don't make Dottie mad

Dottie / Sarah Higdon