We want to live in Sarah Higdon's world.  
It's one of saucy personalities, stalwart convictions,
hard-road lives and frozen moments of passion - with            
a dash of blue collar sleaze thrown in.  But what truly
makes this world delicious is its inhabitants: farm
animals -- having shed their harnesses and four-legged
stances -- lift heads from trough and waltz out of stables
to become waitresses, farmers, temptresses, family figures
and suits. Dogs wearing itchy, church-dresses, negligees
and truck-stop sneers. Taffeta-bedecked bunnies pining for
lovers lost. Goody-goody chickens cruelly gossiping about
the town tramp.  It's Tom Waits down the rabbit hole.

Our eternal gratitude to Sarah for allowing us to grace our pages with her work.  We were looking for just the right attitude, just the right tone and atmosphere for AustinMama.com, and found it hanging on the wall.  Sarah's female characters are strong, vibrant, unapologetic and quirky, and her images and themes compliment our sections so perfectly... again, what a blessing she has been.

We asked Sarah for a bio.  She had this to say:

"I don't have a bio... mainly because there is not that much to tell. All I can say is I was born in California.  I have been drawing and painting animals since the age of two. At 19 I moved to New York City where I dropped out of Parsons School of Design.  I stayed in NYC minus the school where I had many crappy jobs that made me cynical."

Without permission, and much to our dismay, Sarah has relocated from Austin BUT is trying hard to make her way back.  We hope she does.

For info on art availability and purchase, visit www.sarahhigdon.com, or contact Sarah at artist@sarahhigdon.com

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